marika-guitar 2014-2016 – Songs recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, demo for pitching to artists: Girl, You Got it Going On! You Drive Me Crazy! Late Nites, Hot Crazy! Girl, You Got Me! Beautiful! You Lied To Me! Don’t Take Me! Rocket Girl! – Credits: Songwriter

2015 – Love You Twice – Credits: Co-writers Gil Grand & Marika

2005 – Cheryl Dunn, (Emmanuel White Christmas) She’s The Lucky One, A Gift On Christmas Night (Indie) – Credits: Songwriter

2004 – Comstock Records, promoting Memory Lane – Credits: Songwriter

2001-2004 – Starbiz Entertainment, Endlessly, Memory Lane hit the top #40 USA Independent Charts – Credits: Songwriter

Carry You In My Wings #25 Independent European charts – Credits: Songwriter